2021 – 10th edition

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Awards ceremony was held on 25.09.2021.
Congratulations to the winners and big thanks to all participants that made this happen!

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“Milk is for babies. When you grow up you have to drink beer.”
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Every year for the competition we have a big party with a lot of people from the local beer scene in attendance. People also make the trip from far and wide including Slovenia, Serbia, BiH, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and other places. Our good friend Darjan Grilec came and helped us out by taking a lot of really cool pictures of the party as well as some judging sessions. You can go through the slideshow above this text or click the photos below and they’ll enlarge. In the top menu, you can click on various photo galleries. If you want to see more of Darjan’s work, visit him on Facebook and take a look.

Živjeli! Sláinte chugat! Na zdravie! Наздраве! Noroc! Egészségére!

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IX. Homebrewers Competition

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8th Bulgarian Homebrew Competition

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5th Romanian Homebrewing Competition

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London and South East Craft Brewing Competition 2018

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5. Slovensko Tekmovanje Domačih Pivovarjev

Autumn 2018

5. Slovensko Tekmovanje Domačih Pivovarjev

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Colleagues and camaraderie

In addition to trying to grow our local beer scene, we believe that it’s a good thing to network with other brewers in the region. We enter many competitions and drive to some of them to deliver Croatian entries. We help judge at some of these competitions and hang out with our friends in these other countries and talk about beer and brewing. We feel that this helps to foster an international beer community and can only help in our pursuit of a worldwide beer revolution. We encourage you to enter these competitions. If we are attending and can deliver your entries, we will post that on our social media network, linked at the bottom of this page.

Our Core Values

We Foster Education

Every year we train a new set of beer judges to help us judge the competition. This not only serves the purpose of providing us with more judges, it also helps educate local homebrewers. These judges will provide good critiques for how to improve competitor’s beers. All of our judges have gone through extensive judge training, including sensory training with off flavors. Many of our judges have gone on to open craft breweries. Amongst our judges are brewers from Zmajska Pivovara, Nova Runda and Varionica.

We Pursue Excellence

We believe in a sort of open source view of the world and sharing information on technique and recipes in the hope that it will make everybody’s beer better. We like to drink great beer, so if everyone around us is making better beer and helping each other improve, everyone wins. A rising tide lifts all boats, as they say. This site will eventually have articles and links on how to improve your beer.

We Practice Honesty

Judging is completely anonymous. While winning medals is nice, sometimes a brewer might have some issue with their beer and need an unbiased opinion and some feedback on how to improve the beer. Our judges give honest input on each beer they judge. And because it’s anonymous, you don’t have to be embarrassed to enter a beer that has some problems. You could receive some helpful advice.

We Create Fun

Brewers and beer geeks are fun people to hang out with. Every year we host different hangouts and the competition party for like minded beery folks to have fun together. This camaraderie helps to grow the scene which in turn ensures its survival in a brutal marketplace. We like to foster a fun environment that will promote good beer and lead to all of us having more choices for excellent beers to drink.

Competition Organizers

  • Andrej Čapka

  • Goran Kramarić

  • Damir Ban

  • Fran Mehičić

  • Igor Poljak

  • Luka Motočić

  • Matt Hollingsworth

medal winning homebrew recipes

2016-Gold Medals

  • Best of Show
    Gold medal for Miscellaneous Category

    BJCP category 28A: Brett beer.
    Brewed by Miha Tome, Aleš Ogrinec & Luka Kranjc.
    Click for recipe.

  • GOLD medal for India Pale Ale category

    BJCP category 21A: American IPA.
    Brewed by Silvije Boroša.
    Click for recipe.

2016-Silver medals

  • silver medal for the wheat beer category

    BJCP category 10A: Weissbier.
    Brewed by Goran Kramarić.
    Click for recipe.

  • silver medal for the belgian ales category

    BJCP category 25A: Belgian Blond Ale.
    Brewed by Janko Cvitaš & Adriana Milina.
    Click for recipe.

2016-bronze medals

  • bronze medal for the Amber-Brown-Dark American Ales category

    BJCP category 20A: American Porter.
    Brewed by Martin Bedeković.
    Click for recipe.

  • bronze medal for the Miscellaneous category

    BJCP category 34C: Experimental Beer.
    Brewed by Yordan Chenkov.
    Click for recipe.

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